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  • 3 Essential Steps to Investing in Land for The First Time

    3 Essential Steps to Investing in Land for The First Time

    1. Investment Purpose The first step is to properly identify is the purpose of your investment. This is the most essential step, properties are zoned differently depending on the county. Many of our land investors have different reasons for investing, some purchase land for building their home, placing their mobile, building a weekend oasis or they simply want to make a safe and secure investment. 2. Location, Location, Location Once you have articulated the purpose of your initial invest...

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  • How does Owner Financing Work?

    How does Owner Financing Work?

    Owner Financing is a quick and efficient financial tool to allow potential buyers to invest in property while leveraging their money. Investors don’t have to go thought the stress and haggle of applying for a land loan from a financial institution, owner financing lessens the burden and shortens the land buying process. Banks are often very hesitant on approving land loans due to the low value cost; the few companies that are 100% dedicated to selling vacant lots usually offer in house owner ...

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  • Purchasing property with an IRA

    Purchasing property with an IRA

    Land investment is a financial tool that is used by many who are looking for a low risk secure investment for retirement. For those who are not able to invest in properties through mutual bonds, stocks and bonds, choose to invest in property using an IRA. Tangible assets like undeveloped land are increasing in value as they are outside from the hustle bustle of the city. This type of long-term investment plans can easily fit into your retirement plan. If you want to avoid the un...

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  • 5# Things to Know When Purchasing Land

    5# Things to Know When Purchasing Land

    Want to purchase a land, but are you concerned about your making the right choice? Buying land can be an incredible investment. An investor should consider many features that help shape your buying decision. Take a look at these points you need to check before you book the plot. 5.Things to Know when Purchasing Land 1. The Area It’s important to find out about the location and surrounding area of the property. Is it in a developing area? Does the site have the road access? The area will affec...

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  • Land Vs Gold – Which is a better investment and why?

    Land Vs Gold – Which is a better investment and why?

    Are you looking for a safer investment?  With so many options, which one offers the best opportunity?  Let’s consider 2 popular options: An Ounce of GOLD or An Acre of LAND Popular media often point to gold, but is this accurate?  What drives their information? Could it be skewed?  Let's break it down piece by piece. Real estate is a cash generating and comfortable investment for many. Whereas, Gold is a precious metal “inherently” valuable. Both gold and land has been invested in and trade...

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