• Creating The Ultimate Backyard

    Creating The Ultimate Backyard

    Backyard living is our favorite kind of living! Having the ultimate outdoor space is optimal to creating a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle. Having a space to have your outdoor coffee, a gathering, or simply just sit and relax, is an important component for healthy living.The Land Store headquarters is located in the sunshine state of Florida, and aside from the fantastic year-round weather and theme parks, we like to say “there ain’t no land like Florida land!”. Florida has thousands of acres...

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  • What to Consider When Deciding on How Much Land You Should Invest in

    What to Consider When Deciding on How Much Land You Should Invest in

    Land Investments differ in size, there are avid land investors who have millions of acres in their investment portfolio and there are also beginner investors who start with only quarter of an acre! The size of your first-time land investment will often be dependent on how much capital you have. Budget is key and the primary factor in figuring out how much land you would like to purchase, you first need to figure out how much discretionary income you have to put towards the investment. The ...

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  • Thinking Ahead- Developing a Long-Term Plan for Your Land

    Thinking Ahead- Developing a Long-Term Plan for Your Land

    Failure to plan, is planning to fail. Setting long-term goals and establishing a concrete plan, with persistence and effort, can help you develop your land to its maximum potential. Thinking about what you would like to achieve can illustrate a master plan for development, visualization is key! A master plan is composed of steps that occur at different points in time to achieve the overall desired results. Think of it as a puzzle, piece by piece the overall image comes into fruition. Dependi...

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  • What You Need to Know About Ranchettes

    What You Need to Know About Ranchettes

    Many people assume that a ranch and a farm are the same thing, it’s a common misconception.  A farm is generally where crops are cultivated, everything agriculture related. There are also fiber farms, where raw material such as cotton, silk, hemp and wool are grown and picked. The word “farm” itself can mean any plot of land that is dedicated to a specific crop, raw material or product.   Ranches are extremely similar to a farm, the only noticeable difference being that the most common “prod...

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  • Healthy Living in The Country

    Healthy Living in The Country

    As the years go by, we are exposed to new information regarding the environment and the nutrients that we are consuming and feeding our children. It is now coming to light and creating a mass awareness that conditions like Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Cancer, among others, can often be controlled, prevented or even cured by living a healthy lifestyle. People who live in the city often have more of a hectic schedule and don’t really find the time to cook a healthy meal or are able to access fresh...

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