Land Vs Gold – Which is a better investment and why?

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Are you looking for a safer investment?  With so many options, which one offers the best opportunity?  Let’s consider 2 popular options: An Ounce of GOLD or An Acre of LAND

Popular media often point to gold, but is this accurate?  What drives their information? Could it be skewed?  Let's break it down piece by piece.

Real estate is a cash generating and comfortable investment for many. Whereas, Gold is a precious metal “inherently” valuable. Both gold and land has been invested in and traded for thousands of years. On one side, Gold has liquidity, but on another, the land has more stability. Before you make that move, let us look at both the sides of the “coin”.


Clearly, the Land ownership outshines gold. It has a significant growth rate while gold fumbles in the open market. In history, more millionaires have been and continually are created in real estate than every other business...COMBINED. Smart investors are purchasing land over gold because land has utility. The landowner can build a home, grow crops, and enjoy the recreational benefits. Real estate investment offers steady benefits on taxes and capital appreciation. Gold is unproductive in nature unless you sell it off for profits. While investing in real estate opens up the possibility of a regular income.

Yes, you heard that right! Land holds many more benefits and is a much safer investment than other options including gold. Gold is a dead weight and provides only a single opportunity for growth.

However, gold is a collectible, but land boosts growth in the long term. With gold, you have to buy 100% cash up front and can only get the amount of which you have the cash on hand. With land, you can leverage your cash through owner financing. This allows you to control more properties for the same cash and reap much larger returns.

If you are considering investing your money for a safe and sizable return, then investing in a piece of land is ideal.

Make the smart move for your future.

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