• How does Owner Financing Work?

    How does Owner Financing Work?

    Owner Financing is a quick and efficient financial tool to allow potential buyers to invest in property while leveraging their money. Investors don’t have to go thought the stress and haggle of applying for a land loan from a financial institution, owner financing lessens the burden and shortens the land buying process. Banks are often very hesitant on approving land loans due to the low value cost; the few companies that are 100% dedicated to selling vacant lots usually offer in house owner ...

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  • Purchasing property with an IRA

    Purchasing property with an IRA

    Land investment is a financial tool that is used by many who are looking for a low risk secure investment for retirement. For those who are not able to invest in properties through mutual bonds, stocks and bonds, choose to invest in property using an IRA. Tangible assets like undeveloped land are increasing in value as they are outside from the hustle bustle of the city. This type of long-term investment plans can easily fit into your retirement plan. If you want to avoid the un...

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  • What is a land survey?

    What is a land survey?

    The majority of people don’t really think to ‘Land Survey’ their property before building on it. Land surveying is not a new concept, it has been practiced for quite the time now. Land surveying is an essential factor for home buyers, landscapers, property owners, and others who deal with land. A land survey is the systematic process of calculating the dimensions of a particular property. The land surveyor focuses on measuring horizontal distances, directions, angles, and altitudes. In addit...

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  • What you need to know after you Inherit land

    What you need to know after you Inherit land

    When a close family member passes away it can be a very difficult and strenuous time. Within this hard time, it may be necessary to resolve some issues and such as inheritance. Is it necessary to deal with the inheritance process before it is too late? Inheritance in terms of law is the practice of passing on property, debts, rights and obligations upon the death of an individual in a Will which is also known as a final testament. A Will is a legal declaration document that helps a person to ...

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  • Subdividing Your Land

    Subdividing Your Land

    Are you a landowner thinking about increasing the total value of your land? One feasible option is to subdivide your land to increase the total value. The act of dividing a lot or a large parcel into multiple properties for sales or development purposes is considered as the Subdivision of Land. Subdivision leads to the creation of a new township incorporation. Conducting the subdivision has potential to deliver a profitable property solution. Subdivision is a popular concept for land develope...

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