What is a land survey?

The majority of people don’t really think to ‘Land Survey’ their property before building on it. Land surveying is not a new concept, it has been practiced for quite the time now. Land surveying is an essential factor for home buyers, landscapers, property owners, and others who deal with land.

A land survey is the systematic process of calculating the dimensions of a particular property. The land surveyor focuses on measuring horizontal distances, directions, angles, and altitudes. In addition, some associated structures are also taken into consideration such as roads, easements and nearby buildings, amongst others.

When it comes to protecting the investment, or making the decision to build a structure, land surveying is a very beneficial tool to the land owner. Buying a property – such as a home, a commercial office or a piece of land, is one of the biggest investments of a person’s life. Since the purchase does essentially include a rather large purchase, the decision to build must be made very carefully. A wrong decision can lead to a big monetary loss in the future.

A land survey discloses essential details regarding a property. It discloses specific details to the land owner pertinent to building on the property. Details as such, are imperative to know while in the decision-making process. The seller (grantor) provides the legal documents that contain property details such as size and dimensions, but you should ensure that all of the information provided is accurate. Thanks to modern technology, this information can usually be found on the County website and you can even see the lot lines of your property on Google Maps. With a traditional land Survey, you might find certain things you were not aware of such as the location of easements or any encroachments that can be beneficial or interfere with your building plans.

At times, property owners need to divide the property in two or more lots for various reasons. A land survey allows a person to subdivide the property without any difficulty. Property owners, who would like to sell a small portion of the property, will receive crucial information with a land survey. When dealing with a commercial lot, a boundary survey is a very helpful tool when a business needs to divide the property into smaller portions for different departments.

Construction survey is another component of the land survey that is very important when it comes to new construction and the building of structures on the property. To ensure durability and sturdiness of a building, a construction survey must be performed before commencement. A construction survey can determine where to locate a road or the best area to position a building. If you are planning to construct a building within a property with an already existing structure, you may need a building permit survey to continue with construction.

A land survey is a comprehensive process that is carried out to give complete details about a property. To evaluate every aspect of the property, the land surveyors perform various tasks, such as the following:

• The surveyors review the legal documents of the property and evaluate the descriptions, especially when it is unclear to the buyer. When a person proceeds to purchase a property, they need to ensure the correct measurements of the property. The legal documents do include the size of the property, but the surveyors check whether the measurements are accurate or not. The land surveyors check the property size and indicate the land boundaries. Depending on the surveyor, this task includes multiple locations.

• The land surveyor locates the exact boundary corners so that the property buyer can inspect the property visibly and is made aware of the starting and ending points of the land.

• A Land Surveyor clears up any questions regarding land regulations governing the use of the land, such as drilling, septic installation, amongst others.

In case of any divergence with the legal boundaries and the actual property, it is best to involve both the parties in the process - the seller and buyer. There are a multitude of ways to correct any occurring issues. In case of any differences or discrepancies within the legal documents, it is imperative to prepare the documents again with the accurate measurements. The number of tasks and the various components may differ from one property to another according to the type of the property and requirements of the clients.

Whether you choose to research your property’s dimensions, lot lines and other land aspects or if you hire a land surveyor to assess your land, it is important to have the correct information before you proceed with your building plans

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