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  • Healthy Living in The Country

    As the years go by, we are exposed to new information regarding the environment and the nutrients that we are consuming and feeding our children. It is now coming to light and creating a mass awareness that conditions like Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Cancer, among others, can often be controlled, prevented or even cured by living a healthy lifestyle. People who live in the city often have more of a hectic schedule and don’t really find the time to cook a healthy meal or are able to access fresh...

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  • 3 Essential Steps to Investing in Land for The First Time

    1. Investment Purpose The first step is to properly identify is the purpose of your investment. This is the most essential step, properties are zoned differently depending on the county. Many of our land investors have different reasons for investing, some purchase land for building their home, placing their mobile, building a weekend oasis or they simply want to make a safe and secure investment. 2. Location, Location, Location Once you have articulated the purpose of your initial invest...

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  • The Villages - Community in Central Florida

      Imagine living in a town where you can drive your golf cart to pick up a gallon of milk or have a drink with your neighbor. This town does exist! The Villages is a community in Central Florida with a growing population of 157,000. Now, there is one catch, you have to be 55 years old or more to reside in this magical place. It is one of the largest retirement community in the United States and anything you can possibly need is only a golf cart ride away! The Villages offer recreation like ...

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