Healthy Living in The Country

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As the years go by, we are exposed to new information regarding the environment and the nutrients that we are consuming and feeding our children. It is now coming to light and creating a mass awareness that conditions like Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Cancer, among others, can often be controlled, prevented or even cured by living a healthy lifestyle.

People who live in the city often have more of a hectic schedule and don’t really find the time to cook a healthy meal or are able to access freshly grown produce and other essential foods that are not as processed like the average groceries we pick up at the local Walmart.

The majority of small rural towns have easy access to farmers markets, butchers, and “pick your own” produce farms. Small town farms and markets tend to grow their produce and livestock in a more natural and organic way. Town restaurants source their produce and meats from the towns peoples. Living local is buying local and eating local.

A major upside of small town living is the reduction in stress and anxiety. There is virtually no rush hour traffic, no consuming feeling of rushing to get somewhere by a certain time.

Schools tend to be on a higher caliber due to the smaller class sizes. Children have a more one on one experience with their teachers, this helps your kids excel in their academic careers. The children have more of a personalized experience which boosts their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Living in the county can change your physical, mental and emotional health.

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