The Villages - Community in Central Florida

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Imagine living in a town where you can drive your golf cart to pick up a gallon of milk or have a drink with your neighbor. This town does exist! The Villages is a community in Central Florida with a growing population of 157,000. Now, there is one catch, you have to be 55 years old or more to reside in this magical place. It is one of the largest retirement community in the United States and anything you can possibly need is only a golf cart ride away!

The Villages offer recreation like no other! Championship tennis, golf, music and theater, health and wellness and state of the art neighborhood centers. There is literally a social activity for each day of the year, it’s like a college campus but for retired folks! They even have planned activities for when the grandkids visit.

The Villages has not one but three town centers that include markets, cafes, restaurants, bars, shopping, movie theaters and free nightly entertainment. The town even has its own hospital and other medical facilities.



Only pictures can do this place justice!

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