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  • Thinking Ahead- Developing a Long-Term Plan for Your Land

    Failure to plan, is planning to fail. Setting long-term goals and establishing a concrete plan, with persistence and effort, can help you develop your land to its maximum potential. Thinking about what you would like to achieve can illustrate a master plan for development, visualization is key! A master plan is composed of steps that occur at different points in time to achieve the overall desired results. Think of it as a puzzle, piece by piece the overall image comes into fruition. Dependin...

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  • 4 Trends to Look for in The Land Investment Market

    1. Buildable Lots During the crash of the market, many banks stopped lending money for real estate development. Many projects were halted to a dead stop. Small and big-time developers, homeowners and builders stopped purchasing lots to build on, causing a steep decrease in revenue for the real estate industry. Now that the market has improved significantly, the demand in buildable lots has increased.2. Expansion in The Path of Growth According to many land investors, suburban is the new ur...

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  • 6 Huge Benefits to Living in a Tiny Home

    Tiny homes are the latest trend in Real Estate and they are here to stay! Many people are selling their homes and apartments to jump on the tiny home wagon. With home and rental prices increasing, people are now steering towards purchasing a tiny home or simply constructing on to their liking. Less is more is definitely correlates with tiny home living. Those who choose to go with the tiny home lifestyle, sell the things they tend to use most, such as, guest bedroom furniture, large dining ro...

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