Thinking Ahead- Developing a Long-Term Plan for Your Land

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Failure to plan, is planning to fail. Setting long-term goals and establishing a concrete plan, with persistence and effort, can help you develop your land to its maximum potential. Thinking about what you would like to achieve can illustrate a master plan for development, visualization is key!

A master plan is composed of steps that occur at different points in time to achieve the overall desired results. Think of it as a puzzle, piece by piece the overall image comes into fruition. Depending on how your disposable income and set budget coincides, development can take a couple of years.

Here are some steps that we think are essential to creating an effective master plan:

1.Land Survey

A Land survey will tell you the exact boundaries of your property, you will know where your property starts and where it ends. You will also know the accurate acreage of the land.



Now that you are aware of your property borders, shape and acreage, visualize what exactly you want to do with the property. Do you want to build a farm and cultivate crops and raise livestock or do you want to build a luxurious home with a lake in the back? The possibilities are infinite.


3.Vision Board

Creating a physical vision board will help you design and plan the different aspects of what you want to achieve. If you’re not the cut and paste type, writing down your thoughts and ideas on paper will suffice.



Budgeting is a key component to making your ideas into reality. It is important to contact different contractors to know how much everything is going to cost. Having estimates will tell you how lucrative and creative you can be within your set budget, this will also allow you to save and set aside any disposable income for development.


5.Take action

Once you have your vision, set budget and an idea of costs, you can start putting the pieces together. Little by little you will see your land developing throughout time. As you see the progress, you may decide that there are somethings you want to add or change.



Once everything is complete, you will see that your planning and efforts were all worthwhile!



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