6 Huge Benefits to Living in a Tiny Home

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Tiny homes are the latest trend in Real Estate and they are here to stay! Many people are selling their homes and apartments to jump on the tiny home wagon. With home and rental prices increasing, people are now steering towards purchasing a tiny home or simply constructing on to their liking. Less is more is definitely correlates with tiny home living. Those who choose to go with the tiny home lifestyle, sell the things they tend to use most, such as, guest bedroom furniture, large dining room tables, etc., only keeping the bare essentials. 

1. Downsizing

Having an average size, or larger than normal home, means energy consumption at a fluctuating cost. Having a larger home also means an expense of furniture and décor, with a tiny home you only need your basic necessities.

2. Helpful in saving money

Living in a tiny home also offers the opportunity of increasing your savings. With the minimum cost of living of a tiny home, this allows for more of dispensable income. More money for vacations, activities and you can even save enough money to eventually purchase the home of your dreams.

3. Free time

More square footage = more cleaning. With a tiny home, you won’t spend hours on a Saturday morning dusting, wiping, sweeping and mopping.

4. Freedom to live

If you place your tiny home on a decent size property, you have the freedom to live as you choose. No pesky neighbors lurking around! You can also take some of your newly freed time to cultivate a garden on your property. With a vegetable, fruit and herb garden, you can even cut your grocery expenses!

5. Reduce Debt

The minimal costs of tiny home living will also give you a chance to reduce any debt you as well as save for retirement.

6. Hassle free Moving

Moving is one of the top stressors in live, the packing and moving of what is essentially your whole life can be very much aggravating. A tiny home reduces that stress to a bare minimum, choose to live where you’d like and when it’s time to move on, just pack a couple of boxes and go!

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