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  • Everything You Need to Know About Marion County, Florida

    Everything You Need to Know About Marion County, Florida

    Marion County is situated in Central Florida, and is considered the southernmost county in North Central Florida with the city of Ocala being its largest city and head seat. Approximately 331,298 people call Marion County home throughout its 1,663 square miles. With beautiful rolling hills and an abundance of greenery, the county is home to exotic wildlife and picturesque horse farms. Known as the horse capital of the world and one of only four major thoroughbred centers in the world, Marion...

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  • Promoting Financial Freedom Through Affordable Land Investments

    Promoting Financial Freedom Through Affordable Land Investments

      The Land store has sold countless properties to land investors. No matter what your purpose is when purchasing land, we consider you an investor. Our clientele includes first time investors, builders, retirees, people looking to secure their children’s future and those who simply want to build their dream home on their own property. We receive countless calls on a daily basis from people interested in investing in one of our beautiful properties, they ask questions regarding a specific prop...

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  • Land Lingo 101

    Land Lingo 101

    We love educating our clients, we find that it is important for first-time investors, as well as repeat investors, to know the terminology and different components that make up a secure land investment. Acre - Measurement term of land, one acre equals 43,560 feet Grantee - The person(s) who are receiving the property that is being transferred over Grantor - The person(s) who is transferring the property over Warranty Deed - The most secure instrument used to transfer the property over fro...

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  • The Villages - Community in Central Florida

    The Villages - Community in Central Florida

      Imagine living in a town where you can drive your golf cart to pick up a gallon of milk or have a drink with your neighbor. This town does exist! The Villages is a community in Central Florida with a growing population of 157,000. Now, there is one catch, you have to be 55 years old or more to reside in this magical place. It is one of the largest retirement community in the United States and anything you can possibly need is only a golf cart ride away! The Villages offer recreation like ...

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  • Land Investment Path of Growth

    Land Investment Path of Growth

    A traditional investment portfolio might include, bonds, stocks, currency, and other financial instruments, in modern investment portfolios we are now seeing land investment. Many people ask – “Why invest in raw land?”, well, the answer is simple, money. For hundreds of years in the United States, and undoubtedly across the globe, people have made a fortune in land investment. Land can be extremely affordable, creating opportunity to make a vast return per the original investment cost. This r...

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