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The Land store has sold countless properties to land investors. No matter what your purpose is when purchasing land, we consider you an investor. Our clientele includes first time investors, builders, retirees, people looking to secure their children’s future and those who simply want to build their dream home on their own property.

We receive countless calls on a daily basis from people interested in investing in one of our beautiful properties, they ask questions regarding a specific property they’re interested in and also ask a very interesting question – “…. this looks like a great property, the price is unbeatable, is there something wrong with it?” Having been in the land investment for quite some time now, we’ve notice this question to be reoccurring, especially on our larger properties. Our answer is simple –  

The original draft of the Declaration of Independence, the trinity was described as “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Property”, the famous doctrine expressed that all human beings should have unalienable rights to those three essential components, at The Land Store, we coincide with this phrase. We believe that you have the right to acquire property on terms that work for you.

We want to ensure we offer the best quality properties for our clients. All of our properties are thoroughly researched and put through a title search with a recordable title agency, we ensure that the property we purchase is free and clear of any liens, encumbrances and/or judgments. Once the property passes all the tests, we list the property well below market price.

When browsing our website, we see what you see… your dream home with the kids playing in the yard, a retreat oasis, investment security and your grandkids college education.

For The Land Store it’s not so much about the how, it’s more about the why. Why we work countless hours to secure beautiful properties, why we sell our property below market prices and why we strive to offer exceptional customer service…For the better end of our land family.

If you haven’t already, come join The Land Store Family.

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