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  • Everything You Need to Know About Marion County, Florida

    Everything You Need to Know About Marion County, Florida

    Marion County is situated in Central Florida, and is considered the southernmost county in North Central Florida with the city of Ocala being its largest city and head seat. Approximately 331,298 people call Marion County home throughout its 1,663 square miles. With beautiful rolling hills and an abundance of greenery, the county is home to exotic wildlife and picturesque horse farms. Known as the horse capital of the world and one of only four major thoroughbred centers in the world, Marion...

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  • Creating The Ultimate Backyard

    Creating The Ultimate Backyard

    Backyard living is our favorite kind of living! Having the ultimate outdoor space is optimal to creating a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle. Having a space to have your outdoor coffee, a gathering, or simply just sit and relax, is an important component for healthy living.The Land Store headquarters is located in the sunshine state of Florida, and aside from the fantastic year-round weather and theme parks, we like to say “there ain’t no land like Florida land!”. Florida has thousands of acres...

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  • What You Need to Know About Ranchettes

    What You Need to Know About Ranchettes

    Many people assume that a ranch and a farm are the same thing, it’s a common misconception.  A farm is generally where crops are cultivated, everything agriculture related. There are also fiber farms, where raw material such as cotton, silk, hemp and wool are grown and picked. The word “farm” itself can mean any plot of land that is dedicated to a specific crop, raw material or product.   Ranches are extremely similar to a farm, the only noticeable difference being that the most common “produ...

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  • Healthy Living in The Country

    Healthy Living in The Country

    As the years go by, we are exposed to new information regarding the environment and the nutrients that we are consuming and feeding our children. It is now coming to light and creating a mass awareness that conditions like Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Cancer, among others, can often be controlled, prevented or even cured by living a healthy lifestyle. People who live in the city often have more of a hectic schedule and don’t really find the time to cook a healthy meal or are able to access fresh...

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  • Top 10 Florida Beaches That Should Be on Your Bucket List!

    Top 10 Florida Beaches That Should Be on Your Bucket List!

    Some people fail to realize that Florida is so much more than Miami nightlife and Disney World. Some of the best beaches in the United States are all within the Sunshine State. While beachfront property is very difficult to come by and very expensive, you can grab a property a couple of miles from your favorite beach destination and make it the perfect getaway.1. Clearwater Beach Clearwater is located a couple of miles South of Tampa and West of Orlando. The pristine beach is located on a p...

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