What You Need to Know About Ranchettes

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Many people assume that a ranch and a farm are the same thing, it’s a common misconception.  A farm is generally where crops are cultivated, everything agriculture related. There are also fiber farms, where raw material such as cotton, silk, hemp and wool are grown and picked. The word “farm” itself can mean any plot of land that is dedicated to a specific crop, raw material or product.  

Ranches are extremely similar to a farm, the only noticeable difference being that the most common “product” on a ranch is animals. Ranches tend to be very large, they can expand to thousands of acres. On a ranch you can usually find a main residence, more than one barn, other structures needed for cultivation and maintaining animals, an agriculture section and another part dedicated only to live stock. Now, you wouldn’t want to put hungry animals along with your crops!

Let’s throw a new term into the mix- Ranchettes. Ranchettes first started developing in the early 1920’s, they are smaller versions of ranches. Ranchettes are normally 40 acres or less and lay on the outskirts of a major metropolitan area. A ranchette includes a house and possibly a barn, a couple of animals and a small area where crops are grown.

Tthousands of undeveloped raw land waiting for a rightful owner! Aside from Disney, Miami’s pristine beaches and fine dining, Florida has some of the most beautiful scenery and countryside you can ever imagine. If you don’t have the economic means or time to operate and run a full-on ranch, you might want to consider a ranchette. 

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