• Land Lingo 101

    Land Lingo 101

    We love educating our clients, we find that it is important for first-time investors, as well as repeat investors, to know the terminology and different components that make up a secure land investment. Acre - Measurement term of land, one acre equals 43,560 feet Grantee - The person(s) who are receiving the property that is being transferred over Grantor - The person(s) who is transferring the property over Warranty Deed - The most secure instrument used to transfer the property over fro...

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  • Land Investment Means Investing in Your Children’s Future

    Land Investment Means Investing in Your Children’s Future

    Family financials is always an imperative topic of discussion when having children. Aside from the basic necessities, there are other factors involved that make raising children extremely expensive. Cost of living, which includes, housing, transportation, food, clothing and basic necessities, can lead into thousands of dollars each year for a small sized family. For many people, purchasing a homestead is the stepping stone to an expanding family, having a family home is great for making memo...

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  • 4 Trends to Look for in The Land Investment Market

    4 Trends to Look for in The Land Investment Market

    1. Buildable Lots During the crash of the market, many banks stopped lending money for real estate development. Many projects were halted to a dead stop. Small and big-time developers, homeowners and builders stopped purchasing lots to build on, causing a steep decrease in revenue for the real estate industry. Now that the market has improved significantly, the demand in buildable lots has increased.2. Expansion in The Path of Growth According to many land investors, suburban is the new ur...

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  • How to Make Profit off of Your Vacant Land Investment

    How to Make Profit off of Your Vacant Land Investment

    Vacant Land investment is not only the most safe and secure investment you can make, it is one of the most limited resources in the United States. There is a finite amount of land and clearly, they are not making more of it. Being that land is becoming scarce, investors are growing more and more attracted to it. A definite pro of vacant land is the fact that there are not buildings, meaning there is little to no maintenance compared to other common Real Estate investments. There are no fixin...

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  • Improving Your Land to Optimize ROI

    Improving Your Land to Optimize ROI

    You have already taken the first step to making a sound investment, there are a couple of effective and simple things that can to add value to your investment, generating a higher Return on Investment (ROI). Making your land more “improved”, can attract more buyers. Water Source Not only will a live water source improve the aesthetics to your property, but it also has considerable functions. A water source such as a pond or lake, can be used for irrigation and watering livestock. It will also...

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