Land Investment Means Investing in Your Children’s Future

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Family financials is always an imperative topic of discussion when having children. Aside from the basic necessities, there are other factors involved that make raising children extremely expensive. Cost of living, which includes, housing, transportation, food, clothing and basic necessities, can lead into thousands of dollars each year for a small sized family.

For many people, purchasing a homestead is the stepping stone to an expanding family, having a family home is great for making memories and having the peace of mind knowing it is yours and eventually may even be your children’s. And while some families take comfort knowing that their children will have something tangible in the future, there are some factors that aren’t thought upon such as the volatile housing market and the longevity of a home mortgage

Owning a home is the stepping stone of the “American Dream”, and for the majority of Americans, sending your children to college is also an essential part. Unfortunately, millions of people have the burden of student loans due to lack of funds their families can’t allocate towards the costly college tuition.

Won’t it be great to be able to afford to send your children to college without incurring thousands of dollars in loans for you or for your offspring? This is where land investment comes in.

Investing in land when your children are young, can be highly beneficial from a financial stand point. Land Investment is the most safe and secure investment you can make. Opposed to stocks and bonds, land appreciates over time and when it’s time to sell, the chances of multiplying your original investment amount are almost guaranteed.

For example, let’s say you invest $20,000 in a property at the time of your child’s birth. If the land appreciates even by a mere 5% per year, by the time your child is 18, that same property you purchased 18 years back, has doubled in its original purchase price. The reality is that you can and will likely make a profit 4 or 5 times more than that depending in the path of growth of your property especially when investing at below-market prices.

The great thing about land investment, is that you just sit and wait until the land appreciates, find the right time to sell and make money off of something that requires little to no maintenance. It’s a safe way to secure a nest egg for your children when the time comes.

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