Improving Your Land to Optimize ROI

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You have already taken the first step to making a sound investment, there are a couple of effective and simple things that can to add value to your investment, generating a higher Return on Investment (ROI). Making your land more “improved”, can attract more buyers.

Water Source

Not only will a live water source improve the aesthetics to your property, but it also has considerable functions. A water source such as a pond or lake, can be used for irrigation and watering livestock. It will also create an aquaculture for birds, fish and other wildlife roaming the area. Plus, who wouldn’t like a pond in their backyard?


Removing any unattractive weeds, dead brush and trees is the first step to making the property more attractive. Adding different trees and plants that produce nuts, fruits or vegetables are great for adding value, they can also serve as food source for wildlife.


Depending on the type of buyer you would like to attract, quality and accessible easements add tremendous value to the land. If you decide to add utility lines, if currently nonexistent, can add 10-20% of value. Proper and quality drainage is also key especially if the land is located where rainfall is common.

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