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  • What You Need to Know About Ranchettes

    What You Need to Know About Ranchettes

    Many people assume that a ranch and a farm are the same thing, it’s a common misconception.  A farm is generally where crops are cultivated, everything agriculture related. There are also fiber farms, where raw material such as cotton, silk, hemp and wool are grown and picked. The word “farm” itself can mean any plot of land that is dedicated to a specific crop, raw material or product.   Ranches are extremely similar to a farm, the only noticeable difference being that the most common “produ...

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  • Renting versus Owning Your Mobile Home Lot

    Renting versus Owning Your Mobile Home Lot

    An estimated 20 million people live in a mobile home, that’s 6% of the US population! A large chunk of those people rent a lot in a mobile home park which comes with hefty lot rental fees. Most mobile home parks are overcrowded and the residents are confined to a small 40-foot lot, not much space for private outdoor enjoyment! The south alone makes up 56% of total mobile home units, two specific regions in Florida are home to the largest mobile home concentration in the nation. The average re...

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  • Land Investment Path of Growth

    Land Investment Path of Growth

    A traditional investment portfolio might include, bonds, stocks, currency, and other financial instruments, in modern investment portfolios we are now seeing land investment. Many people ask – “Why invest in raw land?”, well, the answer is simple, money. For hundreds of years in the United States, and undoubtedly across the globe, people have made a fortune in land investment. Land can be extremely affordable, creating opportunity to make a vast return per the original investment cost. This r...

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  • 5# Things to Know When Purchasing Land

    5# Things to Know When Purchasing Land

    Want to purchase a land, but are you concerned about your making the right choice? Buying land can be an incredible investment. An investor should consider many features that help shape your buying decision. Take a look at these points you need to check before you book the plot. 5.Things to Know when Purchasing Land 1. The Area It’s important to find out about the location and surrounding area of the property. Is it in a developing area? Does the site have the road access? The area will affec...

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  • The 8 Best Things About Land Investing

    The 8 Best Things About Land Investing

    Have you have been thinking about spending your money in the real estate? Then investing in land is a great option. Often people focus on housing options and overlook the vast benefits of vacant land. Vacant land has proven time and time again to be a valuable resource and sound investment strategy. Investing in land increases income and retain cash flow. With the right set of tools and techniques, investors can effectively invest in land, even without seeing it in person. Here’s the list of ...

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