Renting versus Owning Your Mobile Home Lot

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An estimated 20 million people live in a mobile home, that’s 6% of the US population! A large chunk of those people rent a lot in a mobile home park which comes with hefty lot rental fees. Most mobile home parks are overcrowded and the residents are confined to a small 40-foot lot, not much space for private outdoor enjoyment!

The south alone makes up 56% of total mobile home units, two specific regions in Florida are home to the largest mobile home concentration in the nation. The average rent lot in Florida can stem from $400 to $800 depending on the area and lot size. With costly lot rental fees and mobile home park fees, why rent when you can buy?

We have compared the costs for renting a mobile home lot versus owning based on lot size:

 Renting versus Owning Your Mobile Home Lot

Renting versus Owning Your Mobile Home LotWhen investing in a mobile home lot in Florida, you can choose to purchase cash or finance, either way, it’s still significantly cheaper than renting in a mobile home park. What a renter pays for their 1/5th of an acre lot, they can finance a full acre property for half the price!

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