The 8 Best Things About Land Investing

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Have you have been thinking about spending your money in the real estate? Then investing in land is a great option. Often people focus on housing options and overlook the vast benefits of vacant land. Vacant land has proven time and time again to be a valuable resource and sound investment strategy. Investing in land increases income and retain cash flow. With the right set of tools and techniques, investors can effectively invest in land, even without seeing it in person.

Here’s the list of 8 best things about land investments. 

1.  Land is a Secure Investment

The land is a tangible investment that will never wear out. Yes, no one can take it away from you. The land is the most durable and stable element of real estate property. It is undeniable that substantial and tactile physical property will increase in value over time.

2.  Land is Valuable Long-term Investment

As Warren Buffett says, always look for the long term investment opportunity.  In this way, land holds great potential. Vacant land is a tangible asset that does not diminish its value in the long-term. Holding a piece of land is long-lasting and profitable. Remember that a sound investment will bloom in the long-term.

3.  Land is Limited

The land is a valuable resource, and its value continues to grow. Yes, the land is a limited resource and therefore rises in value over time. They aren’t making land anymore, thus investing in it proves to be a safe choice.

4.  Hands Off Investment- Land is low-maintenance.

Land behaves itself. You don’t have to worry about thousands of problems like plumbing, tenants, leaking roofs, etc.  As the owner of the vacant land, you don’t need to deal with headaches along with your property. The land is an ideal investment vehicle. No Tenants - No Termites - No Toilets


5.  Land has Cash Flow Potential

There are a lot of ways to cash flow in real estate...even land. Land lease is the most direct way to monthly cash flow.  Also consider agriculture, boat & trailer storage, or simply buy low on terms and sell higher on terms - the net profit each month is yours!


6.  Land has Less Competition and More Opportunity.

Unlike Stocks, land generally does not have people bidding over each other.  This allows you to buy low. Get in with the right land seller who offers low prices AND quality land.  Just like a wholesaler of houses, these sellers can provide you with profitable opportunities.

7.  More Millionaires are Made in Real Estate than Anything Else Combined.

This includes vacant land.  Most people think that means houses and that's a big mistake many beginning investors make.  Most people thing McDonalds makes its money in hamburgers and fries.  The hidden fact is that McDonalds invests and then LEASES its land to the franchise owners.  This means that the McDonalds Corporation makes most of its money in vacant land!  Sure, we may not be able to do it on the same scale as Ronald, but we can get a little piece of the action right??

8.  Secure Investments Create Peace of Mind.

Imagine a safe investment that can aid us in our later years. Holding land offers sustainable investment as your retirement support. This results in growth and profitability, now that’s a better combination, right?

Investing in land creates an infinite opportunities to generate income. The Secret to successful investment is to research thoroughly before investing. For more of the latest information and land investment opportunities, stay tuned!

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