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  • Renting versus Owning Your Mobile Home Lot

    An estimated 20 million people live in a mobile home, that’s 6% of the US population! A large chunk of those people rent a lot in a mobile home park which comes with hefty lot rental fees. Most mobile home parks are overcrowded and the residents are confined to a small 40-foot lot, not much space for private outdoor enjoyment! The south alone makes up 56% of total mobile home units, two specific regions in Florida are home to the largest mobile home concentration in the nation. The average re...

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  • Living Off the Grid: A Beginner’s Guide

    When thinking about living off the grid, many people imagine sleeping in a burlap sap eating insects and collecting rain water in tin cans. If this is up your alley, no judgment here! Living off the grid is so much more than what we see in movies or where our imagination takes us. It’s about living a pure and sustainable life, living off of nature’s bountiful resources and taking advantage of the earth we take for granted. While we are most certain that the mental preparation is more intensiv...

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  • What You Need to Know on Modular Homes

    Not many people know that they can get their dream home built in a factory, and simply transported and assembled on their property. Modular homes string along many different misconceptions, lets commence with the fact that it is NOT a mobile home nor are they manufactured homes. Mobile and manufactured homes can be transported from place to place, modular homes are permanent structures just like site-built homes. Modular homes are built in a factory like setting and the products are then cov...

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