What You Need to Know on Modular Homes

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Not many people know that they can get their dream home built in a factory, and simply transported and assembled on their property. Modular homes string along many different misconceptions, lets commence with the fact that it is NOT a mobile home nor are they manufactured homes. Mobile and manufactured homes can be transported from place to place, modular homes are permanent structures just like site-built homes.

Modular homes are built in a factory like setting and the products are then covered and transported to their new locations where they are assembled by a builder. These style homes are often called factory built, system-built or prefab (prefabricated). Just a site built homes, they need to follow certain building codes and regulations and certain guidelines seven surpass those of site built homes.

There are many different advantages of purchasing modular homes, starting with design. There is also a common misconception that all modular homes look the same, this is complete false. The buyer works with a designer on the style and anything they would like to incorporate, you can design anything from a Contemporary, Mediterranean to Victorian style homes. Possibilities are endless within architectural details. You can design your dream home!

Modular homes start home as sections that have been built in environment controlled areas of the factory, they are then assembled onsite like Lego blocks. They are set and secured on sturdy foundations, once the home is assembled it cannot be moved. The greatest advantage of choosing a modular home rather than a site built home is the time frame. They are built fairly quickly, even within a few weeks. All inspections and testing is done in factory during each phase of building by a certified third part inspector, this is all done before being taken to its final assembly location. Modular homes are also relativity cheaper then site built homes due to the shorter build time and the absence of home inspections- they are all done in the factory as previously mentioned.

Modular homes are also considered to be “Green Homes” and more energy efficient than a traditional site built home. Within property building regulations, they are approved as R-1 zoning definition, which means, where they allow a site built home, your module home is approved as well.

An important fact to note is that as a modular homeowner you must also own the land in which the home will reside. Another upside of modular home purchasing is that the majority of the companies that construct them, offer owner financing!

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