Living Off the Grid: A Beginner’s Guide

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When thinking about living off the grid, many people imagine sleeping in a burlap sap eating insects and collecting rain water in tin cans. If this is up your alley, no judgment here! Living off the grid is so much more than what we see in movies or where our imagination takes us. It’s about living a pure and sustainable life, living off of nature’s bountiful resources and taking advantage of the earth we take for granted. While we are most certain that the mental preparation is more intensive, we have gathered the most basic steps you can take for your new sustainable lifestyle.

1. Move to a Rural Area

If you’re going to live off your land, you’re going to need plenty of it. People who live off the grid move to rural areas where land and resources are abundant. These places tend to be isolated from the rest of civilization, the definite upside – no pesky neighbors looking through your windows!

2. Downsizing Your Living Quarters


This is the time to ditch that 2,000 Square Foot home, no need for that for off grid living. Tiny homes have become a trend that we don’t see disappearing anytime soon. They are a great way to live comfortably and maintaining that sustainable lifestyle you’re looking for. If a tiny home is not your thing, a nice simple log cabin will do just fine.

3. Generate Your Own Resources

Living off grid doesn’t you have to live by candle light and flame lanterns! This is where sustainable resources such as wind turbines and solar panels enter in. A generator is where you would plug in any electronic devices or appliances you choose to take with you. You know have officially become a modern-day pioneer. 

4. Grow Your Own Food

You don’t necessarily have to be farmer Brown for this. Creating a segregated garden can actually be quite simple. An herb garden, vegetable garden and a couple of fruit trees will do. Not only will you be growing your own garden, but you will be consuming organic produce, it can’t get better than that! Your food can be cooked with single burner propane stove, BBQ an outdoor fire pit if you really want to get rustic.

5. Water Source

Off grid living also does not mean digging a hole in the ground as a makeshift bathroom or bathing in the nearby spring. A well and septic system can be easily installed on the property. A 15-20-gallon storage tank will work as well for water consumption. A propane tank can be configured to work as a water heater, and yes, this means you can still enjoy a nice hot shower.

Living off grid holds many benefits, the amount you will be saving on home maintenance, electricity, water and grocery shopping will save you thousands of dollars of year. Your new disposable income can be used to save for retirement, savings for your children and/or grandchildren and travelling. Go on and see the world! Off grid living allows you to reconnect with the earth, and live a more pure and organic lifestyle.

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