10 Creative Ideas for Vacant Land

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You have now invested in a great piece of property, congratulations! You have taken the first step to securing a sound investment, next question is, what do you plan on doing with your property? We have gathered 10 creative ideas for you to think about!

1. A New Construction

A site built home is a great idea for boosting the value of your property. Whether you make it your primary residence, weekend getaway or build a fabulous new home to sell, you can’t go wrong with any of the mentioned options!

2. Community Garden

A fruitful garden is a great way to utilize your land to its full potential! Prepping the soil, planting the vegetables, fruits and herbs can be very therapeutic and gratifying. Once you have a bountiful and beautiful garden, you can sell your produce at local farmer’s markets. There are also companies that can use your land (with your consent), and cultivate an awesome garden! They maintain the garden, pick the crops when they are matured and even share the fresh grown crops with you.

3. Wildlife Preservation

With all of the land demolition going on, land owners simply like to return their land to its natural habitat. You can contribute your bit to preserving the wildlife by giving the land back to its original owners (wildlife). Convert your land to be a safe haven for the animals and a sanctuary for birds.

4. Tiny House

A unique way to transform your land is to build tiny house. A lot of people are excited to live in tiny homes. These homes are well-equipped with almost everything you need for comfortable living, including running water, household appliances, plumbing and more. These homes are mobile and can go anywhere you go!

5. Farming

Consult an agriculture expert and explore the most suitable farming options. You can grow crops and have live stock on agricultural zoned land. You can finally have that big red barn you dreamt of as a kid!

6. Amusement

With a decent sized property, you can turn your land into a wonder land. With little investment, it can be a perfect place for dirt biking, ATV riding, or a camping ground.

7. Education

You can offer your land for educational purposes. The land can be offered for camping trips, explorers and troops such as the boy and girl scouts of America. Do your part in helping educate the young children of America!

8. Horse Farm

With a decent sized property, you can build a horse farm. Ocala, Florida is known as Horse Capital of the County and is home to a large amount of horse farms. You can choose to build a horse farm for personal enjoyment, horse boarding business or a visiting horse farm.

9. Wind Energy

Your property might be in the ideal path for wind turbine. Wind energy is expected to grow drastically in the upcoming years. In most cases, power companies will lease your land to place their wind turbine, they handle all the maintenance. You do is simply collect the lease revenue!

10. Solar Energy

The sun is considered earth’s most abundant source of energy, solar energy is also expected to grow in the upcoming years. You can utilize your land to power your own home on the property or lease the property out to a power company- they will take care of the rest!

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