10 Plausible Reasons on Why You Should be Investing in Land

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Vacant Land investments are very much misunderstood and are the most overlooked real estate investments in the industry. It carries an unfortunate misconception regarding purpose and monetary value.
What the majority of investors don’t know is that it is a hand off investment, you simply don’t have to do anything with it! It also holds high monetary potential, and its versatility is unmeasurable.

1. Hands off investment

• Vacant land does not need to be developed. If you purchase property for investment purposes only, the land does not need to be built on or rehabbed. You just sit and wait until the land appreciates and find the right time to sell to achieve your ideal ROI (Return on Investment).

2. Land Can Be Acquired at Hefty Discounts

• Vacant land can be purchased from 30% to 50% below market price, unlike other investment vehicles. Let’s take gold as an example, that commodity is solely dependent on market conditions for both purchasing and selling. The gold market is extremely volatile causing unstable fluxuation. Companies dedicated to selling land, such as The Land Store, sell vacant properties at wholesale below market prices, this is a great opportunity to make a stable and secure investment.

3. No Competition

• Real Estate investors are more focused on purchasing, houses, apartment complexes, and commercial property. Since these types of niche investors are more interested in other real estate ventures, they are not aware of the superior benefits that come with raw land, this is a definite advantage to a vacant land investor.

4. Low Initial Investment

• There are two purchasing methods to investing in vacant land, you can either pay cash or finance. Most banks and other financial institutions don’t generally grant land loans because of the low dollar value. Companies like The Land Store, offer in house owner financing, this includes no need for credit checks and no approval needed. It’s as easy as signing a land contract and making bite sized monthly payments for a short term longevity.

5. Simple Investment Process

• The majority of The Land Store investors purchase their property via phone, by calling into our office or on our online store, right at their fingertips. The Land Store does thorough research on all of the properties in inventory and ensure that all properties are free and clear of any liens or judgments. You don’t have to worry about having any legal issues with the properties you invest in with The Land Store.

6. Potential to make Passive Income

• Vacant land is a great financial tool to making passive income. Some investors with decent sized portfolios, will sometimes lease a lot to someone interested in cultivating or placing a mobile home on a vacant property. The vacant properties act as rental properties but without the headaches of a normal rental property. You have the power to stipulate the leasing terms and conditions while carrying close to no burden all while receiving a fixed monthly income.

7. Land is a Great Inexpensive Long Term Investment

• When paying cash for a land, there are no monthly loan, mortgage payments or any utilities to pay. Property taxes on vacant land usually tend to be extremely cheap. When financing, once you’re finished with your loan term, you have a safe and secure investment vehicle.

8. No Worrying

• Unlike other financial tools such as stocks and bonds, with vacant land there is no need to constantly check stock markets to see when and if you should pull your money out. Land is a tangible asset that, in the long term, constantly appreciates.

9. Land is a Highly Valuable Resource

• People don’t realize the high value that land holds and with nonstop construction and commercial development, frankly, they are not making any more of it. Land is becoming to be almost extinct, with limited quantities available.

10. Retirement Nest Egg

• For those looking for a retirement nest egg, land is the way to go! IRA’s (Individual Retirement Accounts) can be used to invest in land. You’re not only investing in land, but you’re also investing in your future as well as the future of your children and grandchildren.

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